The family of six behind it all.

Welcome to our Retreat at Insmont Colorado.

Our 115 year old historic retreat is located approximately 45 miles from Denver via Hwy 285 and 2.1 miles south of the town of Bailey. The 1700sf retreat was originally built in 1898 and its history served as the exclusive mountain resort for the Denver Wheel Club in the early 1900's, Insmont General Store and Post Office, Insmont Depot for the Colorado Southern and Pacific Railroad, mountain art studio of a local Denver painter and today, the retreat serves as our family mountain getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

We originally purchased the retreat in 2007 after a searching the state for a perfect mountain property. Our criteria was simple; the property needed to be close to Denver, had to have mountain views, needed to be surrounded by National Forest and most importantly, it needed to be located on a river or lake. As you can imagine, those properties are rare or virtually non existent in Colorado nowadays to say the least!!! As fate would have it, we literally fell into this property after spending an evening at our friend’s cabin less than a stones throw away.

So our journey began!

We spent the first year doing historical research on the property, clearing brush, evaluating the structure and developing a course of action to bring the house back to life. Now, after 6 years of planning and preservation; the Retreat is ready to share with those wanting to step back into the past of a simpler time.

Today the Retreat stands as a beautifully preserved structure that has past the test of time. Its a perfect blend of Colorado’s past history with a few modern comfort touches added in. Although the Retreat is not "perfect", it is a wonderful rendition of Colorado History at its best.